Mandarin Ducklings Marble Hill Park

Mandarin Ducklings Nursery Marble Hill Park is a Montessori nursery for children aged 2 to under 5 years. Situated in the beautiful Marble Hill Park, our nursery offers an outdoor learning programme. It also provides bilingual teaching of English and Chinese Mandarin in conjunction with its Montessori curriculum.


Montessori way of teaching

Our beautifully crafted environment and Montessori equipment are designed to inspire children to explore and learn. Montessori principles foster the development of autonomy, self-directed activities, providing hands on learning experiences as well as promoting self-discipline. 

Bilingual Education

Our nursery provides children with a bilingual setting where language learning and cultural exploration are not just fun but a normality... 


Outdoor Learning 

Research shows that today's children are becoming increasingly disconnected from the natural world, resulting in attention difficulties and other problems. The unique setup in our Marble Hill Park nursery brings harmony between indoor and outdoor learning space. The Outdoor Classroom offers rich and effective learning experiences to children.