We are a small bilingual (English and Mandarin) Montessori home setting, located in the heart of St margarets (London borough of Richmond). Our setting is in a lovely home environment. Our children are from aged around 1 year to 4 and half years.

 Our aim is to provide children with quality care and education plus the bilingual benefits on top of those. Children in their early years are sensitive to languages, it requires no extra effort for them to learn more than one language.

 The key about early year learning is that “Children are active learners!” linguistic acquisition is only one part of their developmental and learning needs. Our focus is to provide a good educational programme that feeds for a holistic development for children. Our cirriculum follows Montessori approaches but also corresponds with EYFS (Early Year foundation Stage) framework, more information see our curriculum.

 Our nursery provides a ‘home to home’ feel. It presents good space for children to work and play both indoor and outdoor, and it gives a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The facilities and resources are carefully selected for different ages of children, it also allows flexibility for specific planning of activities and use for different group exercises.

 Our teachers are skillful and qualified early year practitioners including Montessori teachers, Chinese linguistic teachers, as well as trained early year practitioners. We value our job working with children, and the importance of strong relationship between us and children how that helps children to learn. Also we understand a reflective approach in our practice is what will make us better and better…